Posted on: August 14, 2009 10:53 pm

Another Long Season

Alright I'm going to come out and say it.  The Detroit Lions as an organization stink.  You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.  And they proved it.  Their misfortune has nothing to do with no stupid curse.  They are just a very very bad organization.  Not so much as a Super Bowl appearance to their credit.  In fact they only have 1 playoff win the past 5 decades.  Put that into perspective I will go as far to say as they may quite possibly be the worst organization in all of professional sports.  And that is saying a lot coming from a diehard Lions fan. 

It was painful watching every loss.  That is every loss that wasn't blacked out.  How bad is it when they start to blackout games with 5 or 6 games left in the season?  Pretty damn bad.  The worst part is that us Lions fans have been here before.  Anybody remember their bid to be the first 0-16 team back in 2001?  Apparently they never were at peace with not being that team so they decided to make a go of it last year.  Success (if you look at it from a twisted perspective).  Foiled draft picks, bad signings, bad trades, bad management, bad coaching.  Call it what you want they are bad all the way around.  Take a page from the excuse jar and it will probably be 100% correct.  With the Lions having a large percent of their Cap locked up in the QB position they can only pray that one of the three turn out. 

One thing that seems to be coincide with their awful play has been their ownership.  Ever since the Fords have owned the Lions they were the laughingstock of the NFL.  Now that they are the "proud" owners of the "coveted" record for futility they are the laughingstock of the entire sports nation.  Jay Leno will be coming up with jokes for the Lions for years to come.  The Fords need to let the Lions go.  Spend a little money and hire somebody that actually knows how to run a team.  But they will never do that.  Instead they will always hire the inexperienced GM who has know clue what they are doing.  So they next option is to SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

It is painful to get up every Sunday to watch them get the crap beaten out of them.  I feel like an old man who doesn't wanted to have marital relations with his wife.  But does anyway because it is his social obligation.  Well, I'm tired of putting up with the riff-raff that the Lions shovel in and out of that organization.  Get someone quality and someone good.  And don't be afraid to spend a little mula while your at it, D-BAGS!
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Posted on: July 27, 2009 7:32 pm
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Everybody Deserves A Second Chance

Regarding Goodell's decision to conditionally reinstate Michael Vick into the NFL; I'm happy that Vick was given a second chance.  Everybody deserves that second chance.  Everybody makes mistakes.  If I didn't get my second chance after two posession charges and an assault charge as a young adolescent who knows where I would be.  But since I got that second chance, that reality check, I was able to turn my life around.  Vick at least deserves that chance to turn his life around.  To prove that he is not the same man that he was before.

The facts are that he was convicted on dogfighting charges.  I would have lost faith in the judicial system if the opposite happened.  They proved that nobody is invincible and everybody is vulnerable.  Vick took his punishment with out recourse and served his time.  He cooperated with all officials after his conviction and during his sentence.  For that, I think he deserves a pass.

Goodell may not have given Vick the pass that he would have liked, but it was still a break.  Goodell could have just said that he will never ever play another NFL snap.  Instead Vick has an opportunity to prove his critics wrong.  Even if it is in the UFL this season and the NFL next season, Vick has an opportunity.  He needs to take advantage of what he was given.  Even if it means that he might have to play for same UFL team making 25% of what he made in the NFL. 

Prove us wrong Vick.  Now is your chance.

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